FR Clothing

FR clothing is widely used in light-duty welding applications.

All of the FR clothing here is mostly made of 9 oz frame resistance cotton. We’ve different ounce FR cotton with various colors like orange, blue, black, dark blue to meet your specific needs.


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Blue welding jackets M50
Safety gear M312

Blue Welding Jackets

Style No.M50

Safety Gear

Style No.M312

Welding Gear

Style No.M319

Work clothes 1338B
Hivis clothing M310
Hivis supply 311

Work Clothes

Style No.M1338B

Hivis Clothing

Style No.M310

Hivis Supply

Style No.M311

Work clothing M1015
Work wear M323

Work Clothing

Style No.M1015

Work Wear

Style No.M323

Premium Work Wear

Style No.M946