Tips for distinguishing quality Cowhide split

Work gloves, work clothes, and other PPE products are highly needed for different workplaces.

What’s the most crucial factor when people purchasing work gloves? materials? Quality?Price? lead time?

As a factory, we’ve met many times when the quote’s sent out. People sometimes are shocked by the price, or just keep silent. Sometimes it’s hard to persuade people by saying ”you get what your pay for” though it’s true.

As we have a tannery which mainly manufactures cowhide. Our knowledge of leather work gloves is not only cowhide’s thickness, glove’s sewing but also the chemicals which are used during the procedure of making cowhide.

People may smell the odd glove but don’t know why. Excess vitriol used in the dyeing proceed can be the crucial factor.

People may feel the cowhide glove’s tough and stiff. The main reason may re-tanning’s time is not enough and using the cheap and nasty soft chemical.