Glove sizes

Do you know what’s the size difference of different gloves?

There’re various work gloves in the world. Some manufacturers indicate all gloves with letter sizes of small, medium, large.etc.Does work glove’s large size equivalent to the welding glove’s large size?

Some manufacturers indicate all gloves marks with number size like 9”,10” or 11”.etc.But what’s the difference between letter size and number size?

Firstly work glove’s large size is different from welding gloves.No matter which kind of gloves, in order to find the right size. We should know palm width and glove’s length.

How to measure palm width

Palm width measurement (in U.S. inches) should be taken from the thumb inside to the outside of the pinky finger. To ensure accurate sizing, we suggest using the dominant hand when measuring.

Below is the size chart details for welding gloves, work gloves, and driver gloves.

welding gloves size1
work gloves size 1
driver glove size 1

The above size is ordinary size. If you need to customize the size, feel free to contact us.

Glove palm width