Custom Services

We are always ready to support you with our rich experience and strong g capacity background as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

We are open to cooperation in the fields of new product development. If one of our standard work gloves, work clothes, or accessories does not meet your requirements, pls feel free to contact us for custom service.

Normal  Custom Services

Here are some of our regular custom services and also the most widely used custom services.

  • Custom gloves, clothes or accessories’style
  • Custom split cowhide leather color
  • Custom split cowhide leather thickness
  • Custom lining
  • Custom canvas fabric style
  • Custom canvas fabric color

Custom printing is free of charge in all customized services. Others charge only a small amount of raw material fees to our suppliers. Most of our suppliers have been in their industry for over ten years and have rich experience. And we are very supportive of your custom choices.

Special Custom Services

We can do a lot of special customization according to the customer’s needs. For example, we have manufacture 1.6-millimeter split cowhide for premium leather welding jackets for one of the top three companies in the market.This leather welding jacket can withstand high temperature during welding. They found many manufacturers in China to develop this thickness with stable quality, but only we succeeded.

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