Best yard work gloves 605

Style No.M605

  • Split cowhide leather on the palm
  • Polyester cotton back
  • Reinforced palm
  • Palm lining

Tips for best yard work gloves

M605 is the best yard work gloves which we highly recommend you using for the yark work.
The best yard work gloves should be durable. M605 is using grey cowhide on the palm. cowhide is the most enduring and economic material for safety gloves. The blue reinforced palm and double stitching on the reinforced palm make the best yard work gloves stable. Bear in mind that not all cowhide is strong, sometimes it can’t distinguish by the appearance. You can’t check the cowhide’s tear performance by eye. The cowhide density decides it’s strong or not, and whether the tannery using good chemicals when manufacturing cowhide. We’ve our own tannery, we choose the raw materials and chemicals. so we can assure our cowhide quality.
The best yard work gloves should breathe freely. There’s polyester cotton on M605’s back which helps the hand breathe while working. Remember, besides the green/pink stripe cotton back, you can choose other colors for the cotton.
Besides cowhide, polyester cotton, and reinforced palm features, you won’t feel stiff when wearing the yard work gloves M605, you need no afraid of the unpleasant smell from the glove which is my nightmare. It’s horrible to have a smelly hand after wearing the yard work gloves for 30 minutes.
Trust me, you’re looking at the best yard work gloves. For more details, contacts us with no hesitation.

10.5″,11″,12″ length

Packaging (Inner Pack): 12 pairs

Packaging (Case Pack): 60 pairs

Performance Levels
Abrasion resistance level 3
Cut resistance level 1
Tear strength resistance level 4
Puncture resistance level 3
Dexterity level 4

Yard work, household repairs, rimming trees, land clearing

Style,split cowhide leather color,canvas fabric style,size,hangtag,printing are accepted custom.

Best yard work gloves

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