Head Protection

Head protection in PPE terms is considered as protection against impact injury and some burn injuries. It is a requirement for many occupations and workplaces.MS protects offer head protection with leather material and FR cotton. Our cowhide welding cap, FR welding hood is used widely by welders.


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welding caps M318

Welding Caps

Style No.M318

Yellow welding hoods M309

Yellow Welding Hood

Style No.M309

welding hats 306

Welding Hats 

Style No.M306

welding hood M308

Leather Welding Hood

Style No.M308

Blue welding hood M301

Blue Welding Hood

Style No.M301

Orange welding hood M302

Orange Welding Hood

Style No.M302

Welding hoods M303

Welding Hood

Style No.M303

Welders cap 306O

Welder Caps

Style No.M306O