MS company established in 2010, is a leading high-quality leather PPE products manufacturer located at Maoming Guangdong China.We are specialized in manufacturing PPE relative products,such as work gloves,safety vest,welding jackets,welding blanket,welding apron,etc.


Why Us

MS company has a tannery to provide high quality leather.our products will not go moldy,go hard within two years.Besides tannery,MS established two subsidiary corporations with standardized plant in different location to fulfill demand.In 2020,we passed ISO9001 certification.


Who We Serve

We have more than 12 years of experience in PPE field. Our products are sold all over the world at a rate of 80 million per year. Our customers include welding industry, oil and gas industry,industrial and safety,electrical utility,construction industry and other fields and many customers are the leaders in


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Work Gloves                                   Work Clothes

Welding Gloves                              Welding Jackets

Leather Work Gloves                     FR Clothing

Winter Work Gloves                       Accessories

Welding Apron                               Head Protection

Arm Protection                               Foot Protection

Arm Protection                               Foot Protection

Top Shelf

MS provides various work gloves, work clothing, and relative welding accessories. Below are some of the most popular PPE. You can click on the picture below to view the specification.

Production Capacity

The production line of MS adopts flow operation, high production efficiency. The production line can meet the volume of more than 33600 pieces of FR cotton jackets per month. And we now produce 120000 pairs of work gloves monthly to customers from all over the world. Our workers have experienced professional training. Skilled production skills and corresponding professional quality providing a reliable guarantee for the production of high quality and cost-effective work gloves and work clothes. The company’s production workshop is strictly managed according to the 5S specification to ensure the order, efficiency, and safety of the workshop.

Custom Services

We are always ready to support you with our strong designing background as a reliable and trustworthy partner. We are open to cooperation in the fields of new product development. If one of our standard work gloves, work clothes, or accessories does not meet your requirements, pls feel free to contact us for custom service.


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